K McCoy


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ARTIST: Kirstin McCoy's Art is in collections worldwide.

Kirstin McCoy exhibits both nationally and internationally and her art has been featured in several collections curated by Saatchi Art Gallery.

This Artist's artwork can be seen in several well known publications including Vogue Magazine and Aesthetica.

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A Soft Day by K McCoy


The Quiet Man Bridge by K McCoy


Colours of Ireland by K McCoy


City Promenade by K McCoy


London Train Station by K McCoy


Bewley's Cafe Dublin Ireland by K McCoy


Nightlife, Temple Bar Dublin by K McCoy


Evening Reflections Dublin by K McCoy


Autumn's Palette by K McCoy


Fire and Ice by K McCoy


Poppies by K McCoy


Lavender Haze by K McCoy


Lavender Field by K McCoy


Field of Wild Flowers by K McCoy


Wild Flowers by K McCoy


The Poppy Field by K McCoy


Field of Sunflowers by K McCoy


Evening Poppies by K McCoy


Poppies by K McCoy


Poppy Field by K McCoy


Abstract Poppies by K McCoy


Lavender Dreams by K McCoy


Evening Colours by K McCoy


Autumn Vineyard by K McCoy


Autumn Reflections by K McCoy


Evening Reflections by K McCoy


La Vieille Ville by K McCoy


Maisons de Ville by K McCoy


Rooftops Collioure by K McCoy


Nice la Belle by K McCoy


Cafe Scene by K McCoy


City Life by K McCoy


Beziers by K McCoy


Beziers Reflections by K McCoy


Collioure by K McCoy


Rooftops by K McCoy


Sete Port France by K McCoy


Sail On by K McCoy


Evening Sailing by K McCoy


Sail Away by K McCoy


Sailing by K McCoy


Promenade by K McCoy


Gweebarra Bay, Donegal by K McCoy


Evening Colours by K McCoy


Evening Cloud by K McCoy


Arizona Sunset by K McCoy